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4 years ago

My mum may be a terrible cook (trust me, she is) but she knows how to make good soup! For 90% of the time, her soups are amazing and healthy! The other 10% is when she boils those black Chinese medicinal soups that taste just like Chinese medicine which is highly unpleasant.

This is one of the soups she makes that I`m going to share with you.

It`s a Chinese Pear with Pork Clear Soup. Generally, most Chinese soups are more like broths and are very healthy as the nutrients from the vegetables and meat get diluted into the soup itself. The soup lacks oil which is very good!

First, you boil the pork shoulder in a pot. Once boiled, pour out the water. We double-boil the meat as it helps to "clean" it and flush out the "unhealthy parts".

Boil the pork shoulder again and add sliced Chinese Pears to it. Add some Chestnut slivers to taste along with some dried red dates.

Boil for 5 hours.

This is a very sweet soup so remember to add some salt to it if you prefer savory soups.

My mum told me that this soup is supposed to help you with a sore throat or if you are feeling chilly in the Fall as it helps to moisturize and soothe your body.

Hope you guys enjoyed it =)

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