Pear Preserves!

So over the weekend I put away 12 half pints of pear preserves and have another 12 pints to finish today!

It was actually pretty easy - just very time consuming. The hard part was standing over a stove in 100 degree heat stirring boiling preserves so they could thicken without sticking!!!

First you must peel all the pears and cut them into chunks about 3/4 inch. Be sure to cut out the cores!

Next, take a LARGE bowl or washpan and place a layer of pears in the pan, our layers were each approx. 3 inches deep. Cover each layer of pears with a layer of sugar... just thick enough that all you see is the white of the sugar.

Let stand for up to 12 hours. The pears will absorb the sugar. Then boil until all of the pears become translucent. Pour into clean serile jars and seal with boiling hot water bath.

Any way it was a lot of fun and I thought I`d try explaining that for my first post! Hope you enjoy it!

Ok so this sucks. MY first post on luuux and there are no shoplinks because there are NONE available for food. Urgh!

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