Peanut Butter Noodle amp Fried Dumplings

5 years ago

I bet you are thinking <strong>What the? Peanut Butter Noodle?!</strong> I know, not much people will actually mix their peanut butter with noodles. I didn`t make it myself, I ordered it from a Fujianese restaurant. The first time I actually heard of such a thing was Fujianese food and I was shocked because I was never a big fan of peanut butter. Overall, it`s pretty good when I really want to eat it badly, but I can`t eat too much of it because it will kind of make me sick and it`s filling. It has a bit of scallions in it and it only cost $2 which is pretty cheap for the amount they give.

The next thing I got was <strong>Fried Dumplings</strong> which is one of the things I usually order from Fujianese restaurant. It was tasty as usual and I love the soy sauce that they provide with them.

If you are thinking if I eat this all by myself, the answer is no LOL! I shared this with my boyfriend. I can`t eat too much since I get full very quickly but I get hungry very quickly as well.

<em>What did you have for dinner?
Have you ever tried Peanut Butter Noodles? Does it sound appealing to you?</em>

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