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5 years ago

Sometime ago I posted about a peanut butter I bought that was all natural, which always the kind I get because some other brands have trans-fats in it, but I got one from that brand because my regular one was out of stock. Even though it was good and had pieces of peanut still in it, it was different than what I used to get and after it run out I went to the store to get more but they didnt had that one at the moment but had the one I usually get, this one in the picture.
This is a very good peanut butter and the only difference from this to the other one is that this brings a bit more(but its also a bit more expensive), and has sea salt added to it and the other doesnt, even though I have read that the added salt is not the best, its still better than the trans-fat and since I dont add salt to foods regularly I guess its ok. The only downside to PB is that by the end it gets much more solid, I guess its because the oils stay on top and end up running out.

<strong>Tip:</strong>When you go get peanut butter, look at the ingredients and stay away from the ones that say hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, because those are trans-fats!

<strong>Do you like peanut butter? Do you usually look at the ingredients in it?</strong>

(picture is mine)

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