Peaches and Cream Cupcakes!

4 years ago

So I got this hummingbird bakery cookbook from my boyfriend on my birthday! And they have this recipe for peaches and cream cupcakes! It looked like it had such potential, the recipe sounded delicious! However I am only moderately satisfied with the results. The cake itself was a little plain, and the icing/glaze was a bit too sweet, and the plan to put the canned peaches on the bottom of the linings was also not too great of an idea as the juices of the peaches actually ended up half dissolving the paper! My cupcakes overflowed the liners a little (as I knew they would, I filled them up too far, but I didn`t want to throw away the extra batter and since these are not gifts, and were only meant to be eaten at home so I wasn`t too bothered. When they came out the were a bit flat (as opposed to the normal hill like mound) because of this. Overall they were good (particularly when they first came out of the oven) and the texture of the cake was very soft and fluffy. Overall it wasn`t bad, tasted good, but was just hard to eat because it was a little messy.
Now not to say that messy desserts aren`t fantastic to eat, sometimes the best thing to do is to be able to lick stuff off your fingers (at least in my opinion) however for this particular cupcake I think I enjoyed eating it more with a fork, that way I got to have all parts of the cupcake at the same time.

I also experimented with normal paper linings, and the ones that also have a layer of the aluminum lining outside of the paper lining. for this cupcake it was really nice to have the aluminium lining because it supported the peaches at the bottom better! which was nice.
Next time I might want to try putting a form of crust below the peaches, and maybe saute the peaches a little! so many options, and ways to play with this particular cupcake idea.

Have you ever made a peach flavored cupcake? would you be interested in trying? How do you like glaze on your cupcakes as opposed to icing?

*pictures and text are mine :) *

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