Peach Green Tea Boba Drink!

5 years ago

I took these pictures from my iTouch and didn`t have a chance to upload them or anything until now, but I went to a boba place called "T-Pumps" after school last week. I got a Peach Green Tea Boba Drink, very sweet. They have a variety of flavors and for the teas, they have milk tea, black tea, or green tea. It was around $2.70 + tax. The drink was really good and sweet :) I don`t know how sweet it is if you asked for the regular amount of sweetness, but it`s probably not bad, either. I don`t think you get as much tapioca as other places, but I really like their tapioca. It`s soft and chewy, but not super soft.. if that makes any sense. I`d go here again. :) It`s really hard to find though.. at first I thought it was a Fed-ex store and passed by it, hahah.

*pictures are mine. sorry if they`re not the best quality. my itouch camera isn`t that great :/

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