Payphones into FREE Wi-Fi HotSpots?

Nowadays you hardly see anyone using telephone booths because we all have cellular phones plus you know how much germs are around the phone/phone booths. You only see people using telephone booths when there phone is probably out of batteries! <em>So, what concept would be better instead of pay phone booths?</em> Wi-Fi Hot Spots! Why? Not everyone has Internet on their phone also I think there should have a quick charging station via solar encase your phone runs out of battery and you need to make a quick call.

The idea of transforming payphone booths into Wi-Fi Hotspots is coming to you in New York City! Already in Japan, they offer free Wi-Fi at vending machines.

Why you would need Wi-Fi in Public?
- Maybe you want to Yelp something
- GPS or search for something
- Text a friend
- Surf the net because you`re waiting at a bus stop

Yeah if it`s free.. the connection might be slow but it`s more useful then pay phone booths. There are some who still need it but we`re in 20-12!

<strong>Do you think it`s a good idea to convert payphone booths into FREE Wi-Fi Hot Spots?</strong> I think it`s a great idea but I imagine the Internet being super slow though but hey it`s free, can`t complain!

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