PayPal Problems + Questions!

4 years ago

I`m in a very annoying boat at the moment.
I really need money for a large, unexpected bill that I need to pay pronto, and also for a trip I`m taking next month. I thought a good way to make some extra cash would be to have a blog sale, but EVERYONE wants to pay me though freaking PayPal. I didn`t have one, and didn`t want one, since I was told before that you can only use it for shopping online. After talking to some other people and friends, I was told otherwise, and finally decided to make one today.
HOWEVER, upon putting in all my info, it was trying to tell me I had to be 21 to make an account. While everyone else only had to be 18? So that confuses me GREATLY. Does anyone know why it`s saying that or if they recently changed it, or??
Also, I was wondering - What would happen if I just flat-out lied about my age? Also, what if I made an account through say, my dad`s name and just used that? Is there a way I can make the money go into MY account instead of his?
Thank you so much if you know! xox

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