Patty amp Coco Bread

5 years ago

So this is one of my absolute FAVORITE things, ever! This is a Jamaican beef patty with coco bread. This particular one is topped with 2 thin slices of cheese. A staple meal/snack! I grew up eating these and I will say hands down, the best patty and coco bread I had was when I was in Jamaica -- but the ones I buy at a bakery outside of Boston are as close to "home" as I`m going to get.

I have a recipe to make both patty and coco bread at home but have yet to personally try it out. I`m hoping to try it out in a few weeks because it`ll be a long process - but a yummy one. A long time ago we tried making these with my aunt but the coco bread just came out horrible (I blame it on over kneading) and she tried to blame it on the water LOL!

So what is a patty? It`s a flaky pastry type shell, that is filled with ground seasoned beef. The meat in this patty is mild since it is sold at a shop, but they also can make these hot (which in my opinion is torture to eat). Chicken patty and veggie patty are also made. The chicken patty isn`t bad, but the beef is my favorite but I LOVE veggie patty. It`s hard to get because not a lot of shops around me make them, but they are superb.

Coco Bread is a heavy, starchy bread which has a hint of coconut milk in it (hence it`s name). You can`t TASTE the coconut, but it gives the bread a very slight sweetness.

I only eat coco bread with patty. Typically I just eat coco bread and patty alone, but if I`m ordering it at a shop and if they have Jamaican tin cheese, I order it with cheese. The cheese is basically cheddar. I only eat the cheese on patty or with a Jamaican bun - which I will be posting about soon. Just a personal preference since it`s how I grew up eating it.

<em>Have you ever tried patty and/or coco bread?</em>

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