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Went to a Parisian bakery and decided to share these goodies with you. =)

I picked out a souffle bread, a cream cheese scone and a custard bun. I`ve been on a bread kick lately and I`ve been completely in love with pastries!

Souffle bread - It was so soft and moist! You won`t believe how soft it was. It literally melted in your mouth. I wouldn`t say it tastes as light as a souffle, but it was very close to it. There was a slight sweetness to it, I believe it was sweetened using honey and agave syrup because it did not have the taste of sugar. The sweetness was more like a delicate after taste.

Cream Cheese Scone - It looked like it would be a really hard pastry but it was very soft inside. I was surprised since I was used to scones being very hard and brittle that needed coffee or tea to enjoy with it. I guess it was because it was made with cream cheese. It was very light and fluffy. It didn`t have a strong cream cheese taste to it but you could definitely smell it. It was more tart than sweet. I think it`ll pair great with some jam.

Custard Bun - My ultimate favorite! The custard inside was super creamy and sweet. It reminded me of Beard Papa`s cream puffs! The texture was very much like a cross between whipped cream and cream. The bun itself was unsweetened so if you take a small bite, you won`t enjoy it. You have to eat the bun with the custard inside, then the custard helps to sweeten and moisten the bun, which was pretty hard.

What do you guys think?

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