Pasta with Veggie Ground amp Review of Italian Veggie Ground

5 years ago

I`ve been trying hard to tone up and since the new year started I`ve been working out 4-5 times a week for about 15-20 mins and also walking on the off days to try and tone up, but unfortunately once you reach a certain weight you can hit a plateau ughh and stop losing weight or toning, so I decided the past week that I`d switch up my eating and be vegetarian every other day for all of my meals.

I boiled 1.75 cup of pasta and boiled it til al dente, made my own pasta sauce with tomato paste and about 3.5 cups of vegetables as shown in picture 3 and then also added a small hand full of spinach and Italian seasoning and cracked pepper. I also added 3 cloves of minced garlic and garlic powder to the sauce and added enough water to the pot to get the consistency I wanted and let the vegetables simmer in the pot with the tomate paste and water til tender. When the vegetables were tender I put in the Yves Italian veggie ground in for a few minutes as for some reason veggie ground tends to scorch on the bottom of the pot if you cook it too long. Then after a few minutes I turned off the heat and put the pasta in.

I am going to be honest I don`t like the Italian veggie ground very much. I would much prefer the original or the Mexican one. There is some off taste to this one unlike the original one I used to make chili. Mom said it tasted mushroomy, but don`t know what the off taste was. I will probably stick to the original or Mexican one and not repurchasing the Italian one.

I`ve done the on and off vegetarian thing for a week and I`ve noticed a difference in strength in my legs and my core and lost 3 lbs. It`s serious stuff lol. My body is probably confused and adjusting to the lack of meat in my diet, minus eggs, which I do still have in the morning and one at lunch sliced up over a salad.

Have you tried going vegetarian for a few days or alternating between it?
Did you notice any changes in your body?
Would you change your diet to see if it could improve you physically?

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