Past Memories (Korean Night Food) - Review!

Past Memories is my favorite favorite FAVORITE place to get late night Korean food. Ideally this place is a drinking place (hence it`s open really late) but since I`m underage (haha), I tend to go here for dinner and snacks with my friends. Once I hit 21, I`ll let you know what the drinking is like here but for now...I`ll review the food! :)

Like I said, it`s really a great place to get Korean food if you`re craving it. When I go with my friends, I usually get their spicy rice cakes (dukbokki) and their seafood pancake which is DELICIOUS. The seafood pancake is super thick (none of that skimpy thin pancake stuff) and filled with plenty of seafood. The dukbokki is probably my favorite and is really good with rice. I`ve also had their seasoned chicken wings. I like them but sometimes it can come with too much sauce. I tend to not like too much sauce so I wipe it on the plate but it`s really good so my friends and I order that a lot too! The prices are really cheap and you eat kind of family style so split with your friends and you end up super filled and the bill is not that much!

If you`re drinking, the ahjummas there tend to give you complimentary onion rings. At one point during summer, my friend and I went to eat dinner there so much, the ahjummas just gave us free onion rings anyway. SO THEY ARE SUPER NICE. And the service is great. They walk around every now and then to make sure everything`s good and there`s a little bell to ring if you need anything else.

The place is pretty empty when it opens at 5PM but tends to get really kicking around 9PM when people come to drink soju and stuff. There`s two TVs so you can watch TV and they tend to play a good mix of KPop and American music which is nice!

All in all, hands down my favorite Korean food place and DEFINITELY gonna have my first drink here when I turn 21. That`s just how much I love it! :)

What`s your favorite Korean food place? :)

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