Passion Fruit Margarita

Doesn`t this look so delicious? Is it, you ask? I wouldn`t know :( My boyfriend ordered this for himself, and obviously because I still have a few more months before I am 21, I can`t legally drink in restaurants. He got there earlier, so I asked him just to order drinks and food for me. I was heading over from work, and I was super hungry! When I got there we started eating, and I saw the drink. Is this for me? He said, and I quote "No silly. It has alcohol in it. I wanted to get a girly pink drink, but it`s better if they think a girl`s going to drink it." He`s manly enough to not order a drink for me, but he`s not manly enough to drink a pink drink -____-

It sounds so good. I love passion fruit margarita! I took a picture because when I turn 21, we`re going back, and he`s going to buy me this exact drink :) Plus, I wanted to share it on Luuux.

<em>Are you 21 yet? Do you try different mix drinks at bars/restaurants? What`s your favorite?</em>

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