Party With Nemo- Bar Underwater in the Maldives

4 years ago

Would you like to drink and party underwater with fishes? Its possible now because there is actually a bar where you can party up with Nemo :D
This bar is called Subsix and its apparently is the first underwater bar located 500m of shore of the Niyanma Resort in the Maldives, being 6 meters underwater ( I have to say that at first I thought it would be more, but I guess its safer in this distance and enough). The bar as a great and modern d├ęcor but still using some blue tones to give the more underwater feel and having big windows around it certainly helps with that and you can drink, socialize and have a good time while watching the beauty that the sea has to offer.

I have to say this bar seems very cool and I dont think I would freak out because its underwater(I would sure be thinking about the scenarios of the bar collapsing or something,), if I wanted to go to the Maldives before, I want more even now just to go to this bar.
I did read a comment about this and the fact that it can affect sea life with the bar music playing and I do wonder if the loud music wont disturb sea life but they probably thought about that and this bar doesnt seem the type of bar to have very loud music.

<strong>What do you think of this bar? Would you go or you would be freaked out because its underwater?
Do you think the bar and music can affect sea life?</strong>

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