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4 years ago

Heyyy everyone :) 

So recently I went to Paris and I was lucky enough to go to the champs élysées and whilst I was there I managed to go to sephora. I initially went to go buy 2 new lip glosses from sephora`s own brand that I had gotten a few years ago, only to find out that they had been discontinued! :( so instead of getting my two lipglosses I went and brought a few other items instead :) so anyway on with my haul:

I stopped off at the make up forever counter and this is what I picked up:

- star powder in the shade 916: which is a lovely pink pigmented powder with gold hues which reminds me of a nars blusher that I have :) in one of my picture I have swatched it on the back of my hand, which i think is my second to last picture. I`m sorry my pictures are not very good, I used my phone to take them :) 

-diamond powder in shade 1: which is a very sparkly white-ish silvery glitter, which can look beautiful over any eyeshadow to take you from a day to a beautiful night look. 
I swatched it on my finger in my 3rd to last picture 

Next I went to the sephora make up counter and picked up 2 things:

- a sephora lipgloss in shade 13/Miami Pink : this lip gloss is a beautiful sparkly dark/ barbie pinkish lipgloss: I swatched this in my 4th to last picture

-a sephora rouge shine lipstick in shade No*05 : this lipstick is a lovely light pink - yet again - sparkly lipstick which funnily enough is the similar colour and had the same amazing smell as my discontinued sephora lipstick :) this has been swatched in the 5th to last picture and it is the swatch on the right (I`m sorry the colours don`t show up very well, I have a medium/darkish skin tone and the I took the pictures at night to the lighting isn`t very good in my room)

The last 2 things Picked up from sephora are 2 sephora make up brushes: one is a crease brush which is really soft and good to use (if that makes any sense) and then a flat liner brush which i have not tried out yet but it looks good and is not too flimsy 

I got one last thing I got from sephora which was 2 free samples of Lancôme`s (I think new) fragrance which is called: La Vie Est Belle (which is a French expression meaning: Life is Beautiful) 

I shall now do a quick review of lancôme`s fragrance: well, it is a very sweet, fruity and floraly fragrance which has (as the fragrance book thing puts it): with the noblest ingredients [concrete of Iris Pallida, Jasmin Sambac Absolute, Orange Blossom Absolute, Patchouli Essence...] lain on a bed of fine delicacies. I would reccomend buying the fragrance if you are a fan of sweet floraly and fruity fragrances. I personally do like the smell of it as I am very fond of sweet fruity fragrances :)

Okay so if you saw my pictures then you will realise that I also have 2 other products, which I did not buy from sephora.

Okay so the first thing is a Chanel rouge coco shine lipstick in shade 70/ Sourire: I actually brought this from the airport before going to france so managed to take advantage of the tax/duty free shop and I only had to pay £19.55 for it which I was quite pleased with :) so on to the lipstick. the Chanel rouge coco shine lipstick I got reminded me of a YSL rouge volupte lipstick I think, as it is a very sheer glossy lipstick which I love :) it is a very pink - and again - sparkly lipstick which is nice and glossy. I feel like the glossy-ness off the lipstick hydrates my lips. I swatched this in my second picture on the back of my hand.

The last thing I got was Bioderma, which is like a make up remover/ cleanser/ toner. If you watch beauty video`s especially YouTube-er / Beaty guru FleurDeForce or even saw missglamourazzi`s recent Paris haul then you know what I am on about. I first heard about Bioderma when watching FleurDeForce`s Paris Haul a few months ago and she talks a bit about Bioderma and what it is and when I heard about it I was like I have to try this, but unfortunately you can only buy it from france/paris so when went to Paris recently I managed to get hold of a small 100ml bottle of it. The reason why I only got a small 100ml bottle is because it was quite expensive to buy a full 500ml bottle of Bioderma from the pharmacy I went to. I paid 5,90 for 100ml which is unfortunate because the pharmacy FleurDeForce went to in paris, she only paid 2 for her 100ml and then about 10 or 13 for 500ml, where as the pharmacy I went to it cost nearly 20 for 500ml, which by the way was in a shopping centre in Paris called I think concord la fayet. I only got the 100ml because I brought it on the day I was leaving to come back home and I didn`t have enough money to buy a full size or even 250ml. By the way if you do want to try it then unfortunately you can only buy it at French pharmacy`s and it`s really difficult to find elsewhere in the world, but luckily enough when i came back home to the uk I searched Bioderma on google and it came up with some results online where you can purchase it from and also try eBay. Because that`s where most of the google links take you to and it costs between £10 - £20 to purchase a full 500ml bottle of it online. I would reccomend buying it as the French are know for making good skin care products.

I`m sorry that was a very long winded haul, but I hope you enjoyed it :) thank you for taking the time to read it if you did :) I really appriciate it :)

Byyeee :) x

By the way all pictures shown are my own :)

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