Parissa Chamomile Body Surgar for Legs, Body, and Face

5 years ago

I purchased this body sugar hair removal kit from Shopper`s Drug Mart. It was on special for about $10. I thought it would be a good idea to try hair removal at home...but it wasn`t such a great idea after all, lol.

For those of you who don`t know, body sugar is a form of sugar that turns liquid when you heat it up. You apply the melted sugar to your legs, armpits, etc., apply a fabric strip over it, and then pull it off. It`s a lot like waxing, except the sugar can be rinsed off afterwards, unlike wax.

I actually had a lot of trouble with this kit. I managed to melt the sugar and it apply it to my legs with the wooden applicator stick, but when I applied the fabric strips and pulled them off, sometimes the sugar would just stay on my leg, and it wouldn`t remove any hair! Then again, sometimes it WOULD remove the sugar and the hair along with it. So it was really hit or miss for me.

This stuff is REALLY sticky, which isn`t surprising, but it kind of gets everywhere, and you can`t see it as well as you can see hardened wax, for example. So you might find sticky areas that you neglected to wash off much later, which is annoying. It also takes a lot of rinsing to get the sugar off completely. It`s easier to wash off than wax, but not by that much.

The kit also contains some azulene oil. It seems to be soothing enough, but it`s little comfort when you`ve only managed to successfully wax part of your legs and have to shave the rest off - like me!

I won`t be purchasing this kit again. I`ve learned my lesson! Next time, I will leave the sugaring and/or waxing to a professional.

<strong>Have you ever tried an at-home body sugar or waxing kit?</strong>

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