Paris Pharmacy Haul

So.. I went to Paris and I just had to swing by City Pharma.

French pharmacies have gotten a lot of attention recent years, and for a good reason! My favorite one is City Pharma on 26 Rue du Four. This place really has the best deals.

I wanted to show you what I bought because I absolutely LOOOVE every single product.
My boyfriend thought I was crazy and bought a lot of things, but honestly I regret not buying more!

Here it is
Let`s break it down

Klorane Dry Shampoo
Really the best dry shampoo I`ve ever tried. No I haven`t tried every single one on the market and after trying this. I don`t need to
I bought 2 x 150 ml for 12.96 euros.

Créaline H2O
Gentle make-up remover. It`s pretty famous in the beauty world and I totally get it. It`s so light and a bottle lasts me about 5 months.
I bought this doublepack with 2 x 500 ml for 15.90 euros

Embryolisse Lait Creme
Another classic. It`s really good even for dry skin and it works well under make-up. Some cremes I feel are to greasy or too drying but applying this right before your foundation works really well.
I bought this doublepack for 17.89 and after 5 months I`m dangerously close to running out. Why didn`t I buy more!!!

Avène Thermal Water
Okay, this may look a bit crazy. I already had the 2 medium sizes and I love these. Really gentle and soothes the skin. I use this for every purpose. To freshen up the skin during the day, to blend my foundation if I`d applied to thick a layer, for setting make-up, after masks to soothe and after shaving or getting laser treatment. The big sizes lasts you a long time and the small ones are so easy to carry in your purse and are a must for your carry-on on flights.
I bought 2 x 300 ml for 9.90 euros and 2 x 50 ml for 3.98 euros.

A-Derma Exomega Cleansing Oil
I love cleansing oils because they don`t dry out my skin. This one is super gently (that word is on replay with my skincare since I have really sensative, dry skin) and it`s really leaves your skin feeling fresh.
My one tip is to make sure you use plenty of water to wash it of so you`re not let with residue on your skin.
I love that it came with a travel size, I have this in my bathroom and I just refill when it gets empty, so easy.
I bought 2 x 500 ml + a free travel size of 50 ml for 19.99. And this really will last you a loooooong time.

In summery, if you`re traveling to Paris, City Pharma is a must on your trip and please ladies don`t make the same mistake as I did and just buy what you need right now. Stock up!

I`m interested to know what products are on your musthave lists when it comes to pharmacy goods, or just amazing skincare products. Let me know girls.

Take care xoxo

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