Papyrus Snowglobe Chirstmas Card!

There are times when making your own Christmas card is cute and endearing, but then there are times where it just feels unprofessional. When I give cards to professors, bosses, and people that I don`t know as well, I prefer buying the cards. I`m a graphic design artist, so I trust my own ability in crafting and drawing some pretty awesome cards, but sometimes just to hit that level of professionalism I`ll go with a store bought one and Papryus is the place to go!

I really loved a lot of their cards this year! This is one that I purchased for one of my college professors to wish him a happy holidays and also thank him for supporting me and writing me a letter of recommendation. It`s a really fun card because it`s an ornament, that`s also sort of a snowglobe. Inside it has these bits of snow that fly around when you shake it up. There`s a Santa on skii`s inside too! I thought this was a super awesome card. The great thing about Papyrus cards is that even though they don`t let you open up the card because it`s usually sealed off with the plastic wrapping, the include a piece on the back that will tell you if the inside already has a message or not. This one says "Christmas time is here Enjoy every wonderful Magical Moment. Happy Holidays!"

It has a beautiful silver backing too! I really loved this :)

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