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4 years ago

Hello All,

What you all don`t know about me is that I am a complete and utter pen snob and addict. Ever since I was a child, I have had this obsession with a pen that writes really smooth. I swear that I am never without at least seven pens in my handbag. It`s beyond ridiculous. lol.

I have found some of the best writing pens ever! Papermate came out with their new line of pens called InkJoy and they come in several different colors and varieties. I have the all white ones that are 700RT and the multi colored pack that are 300RT. The difference in numbers refers to the quality of the line that the pen produces when you write with it. The 700 has a better quality and more refined look to it`s ink and the 300 isn`t so bad itself. I love both of them actually. I went back-to-school shopping because the fall semester starts very soon and I wanted to be prepared, plus Target and Meijer had a sale on their back-to-school stuff.

During back-to-school time and around Christmas, I love how the stores change up and put in a whole section for school supplies and then Christmas decorations, wrapping suppplies, etc. I`m a major nerd, I know. So I stocked up on InkJoy pens, highlighters, notebooks, whiteout, pencils, replacement lead, and a new case to carry all of my pens/pencils/highlighters. I wasn`t sure if I would care for all of the multiple colors, but I really, really like them. The 300RT is a little less expensive than the 700RT package, yet both are very good.

Are you a pen snob or pen addict? If so, what is your favorite pen to use and why?

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