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4 years ago

So very recently I went to go see a movie with friends. At first we wanted to se Red Dawn but we didn`t want to wait 50 minutes so instead we went to go see Wreck It Ralph, which is a great movie by the way. But that is not the point of this post.

Right before the movie started, a short feature film was played called Paperman. It`s a silent black and white animation film set in 30s / 40s Manahattan. A man who has a boring old paper press job waits for a train at Grand Central Station when a paper flies at him and the paper belong to a female (yes he find her attractive). A blast of wind bows one of his paper in her face and her lipstick mark is left on it. The man look down at his paper (or somewhere I forgot) and when he turns around the girl is boarding a train but before it leaves she sneaks a peek at him. And that was the last they saw each other. JUST JOKING! When the man gets to work he sees right outside his window in the building across from him is the girl. He tries to get her attention but throwing paper planes at her and in the process receives a few warnings from his boss. He misses every single time and the last paper he has (his final hope) is the paper with her lipstick mark on it. And even that paper plane misses but he doesn`t lose hope. He dashes out of work (while his boss and other coworkers watch) and find the last airplane and throws it again. (By this time the girl had already left the building. He chases her and throws the plane but it always misses.
The ending is pretty unpredictable. Even I didn`t expect what was about to happen. I would love to reveal it but it is best to go watch it yourself. Sadly there is no clear video on youtube or anywhere of the short feature film but in theater, right before they show Wreck It Ralph. So I suggest go watch the movie. The movie is pretty grea to. RALPH IS SO ADORABLE.

For anyone who wants a full on summary plus spoiler of watch happens in the short film, here you go

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