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And yet another game review from me! This one is called Paper Mario and is one of my favorite Mario games ever. Released in 2000 and 2001 for the Nintendo 64, Paper Mario has you taking on the role of a "2Dfied" paper like Mario as he goes through the Mushroom Kingdom in an unusual turn base strategy like game and tries to save Princess Peach and her Castle that has been stolen by a super powered Bowser Koopa who has stolen the Star Rod.

The Gameplay`s controls are part regular Mario game and part turn-base-strategy layout. It`s a little complicated to get use to it at 1st but you quickly get the hang of it and it becomes invaluable in the game. As with most TBS games you pick and choose what attack and which characters to use to attack in battle. This is a far cry from most Mario games where you jump and smash and kick and punch enemies head on, but it works incredibly well. The gameplay itself was also different from most Mario games. Instead of going through level like worlds you have to go through areas and collect friends and weapons along the way. Graphics for the game was its main selling point. I like to call it a hybrid game. Mixing the old side scrolling Mario games with the 3D world of Mario 64 in a beautiful combination. All the characters are "paperized" in 2D form making for a VERY unique game. Many times during the game a character acts like paper such and floating down to the ground and such. This made for a very fun game to watch and play. Sounds for the game were almost as unique and the game graphics. Some of the most familiar sounds effects from previous Mario games were still there but many of the sounds were specialy made for this game. These new sounds made for a welcome change in Mario games. From the stomping sounds effects, to the funny and comical attack and hit sounds made for the game that was very varied and unique is what set this game apart among other Mario games. The soundtrack was as widely varied as the sound effects. A few of the songs were remakes of familiar ones but many of them were uniquely made for the game and added to the experience of the fun gameplay. Many of them were very catchy, and to this day I still whistle of few of them without knowing it. There were 78 different songs during this game! The most for any Mario game ever! As said before the storyline to the game has you playing as Mario after Bowser Koopa steals Princess Peach`s castle and takes it up above the clouds with the power of the Star Rod that he stole from Star Haven. Throughout the game you have to fight though several different ares of the Mushroom Kingdom to find and free the different Star Spirits from those areas in order to be able to face Bowser Koopa and the Star Rod. Along the way you meet up with several characters of the game that join you and your party and their skills are invaluable to proceed with the game. You also collect a hammer weapon that is upgradable as the game goes on. The Hammer is a very powerful and invaluable weapon and tool in the game as you not only to use it in battle, but also to help clear your path and find hidden items in the game. At various moments during the game you also get to play as Princess Peach as she sneaks around the castle and helps Mario in various ways from the castle, like getting badge upgrades for Mario and other various items.

All in all this game is a long one and a VERY fun one. You can spend hours on this game and not get near the ending any time soon, so it`ll keep you entertained for a long time. It`s a welcome difference form the other usual Mario games and it worked beautifully to do so. I HIGHLY recommend this game for anyone looking for something different in a Mario game.

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