Papa`s Wingeria

4 years ago

Papa`s Wingeria is a free game available to play at Papa`s Wingeria is another game in the `Papa Louie` series, and it is one of the latest versions. This game is based on chicken wings (as suggested by the title). The game`s menu is very clear, and there are only a few buttons, suggesting that they urge you to play the game, which is a very good thing. When you click the `play` button, the game asks you to select a save, this is so the game can save your progress, and you don`t have to repeat the same levels again and again like you have to do with other types of games. Then when you have selected the save that you would like to use, the game will ask you to pick a character, either `Chuck`, or `Mandi`, or you can choose to customize your own character. Then after you have chosen your character, you begin the game.

Its your lucky day, you are watching TV. Then there is a knock on your door, and you answer it being confused because you do not normally have visitors. Its Papa Louie, and he gives you a prize ticket to go to Starlight City (a Hollywood based city). You accept the gift and pack everything, then you arrive. There is a casino machine outside and it says you only have one free spin. You spin it, and you win! Papa Louie pops out and gives you the Wingeria! However, you do not seem that happy as you didn`t want to work on your holiday. Its now your job to make sure everyone is served.

This game is really good, however I do prefer the Freezeria. I would rate this game a 6/10. If you have played this game, what would you rate it? Tell me in the comments! There will be a direct link to the game in the source link if you would like to play this game!

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