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4 years ago

Papa`s Pizzeria is one of the many games available to play on, they also have many other games that I shall be reviewing soon. Papa`s Pizzeria is one of the first games made for the site by `Flipline Studios`, which is a very similar site to papalouie, the only difference is the logo.

The story of the game is that Papa Louie (the head chef) has gone, and the only person left to run the shop is Roy (delivery boy/assistant). You have to help Roy keep the shop going, as it is a very popular shop, so he won`t be able to serve customers very well on his own. You`ll have to take orders, and cook the pizzas correctly, otherwise you may loose some customers. The key to the game is multi-tasking, so if your not a good multi-tasker, then this game is to help you! When you complete orders, you get the chance to gain new customers.

The game has a ranking system, so you can easily compare your scores at the end of the game! The game asks you for a name (I would use my nickname).

The game will give you guidance with on screen instructions/tutorial until you have advanced enough in the game. I find this very useful for beginners, so they understand what they need to do. There are four stations in the game. All stations are equally important as each other. The four stations are: Order Station (where you collect your orders from, and also finish orders), Topping Station (where you put the toppings on the pizza, you have to be accurate!), Cooking Station (where you cook the pizzas, make sure they aren`t undercooked or overcooked/burnt!), and the Cutting Station (Be careful with this one, customers want their pizzas cut in certain ways!)

Overall the game is really good, and I can`t wait to try the other games made by Flipline Studios! If you have any games that you want me to review, please tell me in the comments. Thank you!

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