Papa`s Freezeria

4 years ago

Papa`s Freezeria is a free game available to play on Papa`s Freezeria is another game that I have come across in the Papa Louie series of games. When you load up the game, it will have an easy to navigate menu, as well as other links to the different games. When you click the `play` button, the game will ask you to pick a save slot, so you do not have to struggle with repeating the same levels again and again. As soon as you pick a save, it will ask you what character you would want to be, one being a male and one being a female. As I have already stated in the other posts to the other Papa Louie games, this is good because it proves that both genders can play this fun game. Then it will ask you for a name, which will help with the rankings and also the saves that you have (if you have multiple). This is very good, however I have discovered a `glitch` or a `bug` on the menu, it may not be very big, but I will state it anyway. If you start a new save, then pick a character, it will ask you for your name. What is wrong with this first of all is the fact that there are two back buttons, one in the top left corner, the other underneath the bar where you type your name. If you click on the one under the bar where you type your name, then it will take you back to choose a save. However, the top of the screen does not state `choose a slot` anymore, it in fact says `Enter your name`.

The game has a tutorial that isn`t too long or too short, so its easy to play through. Also, there are four stations when you play the game. One is the `Order Station`, where you collect and finish orders. The next one is the `Build Station`, where you make the basis of your ice creams. Then there is the mix station, where you mix all of the requested ingredients with the ice cream together, be careful, because customers are picky about how much their ice cream is mixed. The last is the `Top Station`, where you finish off the ice creams by putting certain creams, sauces and toppings on.

Overall, the game is really good, however they still need to fix the bug. I would rate this game an 8/10, because it is the one I am most addicted to! Why don`t you give it a try, and then tell me in the comments what you would rate it! (the source link has a direct link to the game)

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