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4 years ago

Papa`s Burgeria is a free game available to play on Papa`s Burgeria is a game, and the starting menu is very clear. It clearly shows what kind of game your about to play, and what you can navigate to. This is a very good start to the game. As soon as you click `play`, the game asks you to select a file to save on. This is very good for the game, as most people will not come back to the same game again if there is no saving facility. The game also requires your name to help with the saving (so you remember which save is yours if you have multiple people sharing a laptop/computer) and also the ranking with the points. The game then allows you to pick out of two characters that people like me will be familiar with if they have played Papa`s Pizzeria (they are both customers in the game). This is a good thing for children, as they sometimes will not play a game if they have to be a boy, which means more traffic towards the game.

Its your lucky day, as you get a letter in the post, and you get a golden ticket. The ticket has a map, and you follow it to collect your prize. You then see Papa Louie, and he gives you the Burgeria, and you now work there! You have to serve all the customers, as they are as picky as they can get, because they all want perfect burgers! There are three stations in this game (because you do not have to cut a burger). One is the Order station, where you collect and complete the orders given by the customers. Another is the Grill Station, where you cook the burgers (be sure to time it right, get it wrong and you could lose your tip). Then there`s the build station, where you assemble the burger that your customer wants. This is very important, because customers want there burgers to be assembled in certain ways!

I would rate this game a 9/10 because of how easy it is to understand. If you have any game review recommendations, please tell me in the comments! Thank you

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