Pants even Hi-Tech

4 years ago

Hello all, If you are those people who live to the computer, and the bits run in his veins, then you must have one (or more) pair of these pants in your closet. They keyboard and mouse on board! Erik de Nijs and Tim Smit are two designers who invented a funny way to carry a mouse and keyboard to wherever they go. There really are times when it sucks the gang take a keyboard and a wireless mouse and sometimes even have place to put them (Ya, there are few times, but it happens lol). Hence has arisen the idea: "Why not put a keyboard in your pants?" And so it went. Behind the keyboard also came to an idea for a mouse and speakers. The connection is made via a USB cable. According to its authors the weight of the pants is very similar to a normal pair of pants, but the price is a little more pulled up: 300 . I`ll refrain from making jokes about the product given to the area where certain keys are located hehe They think it`s going to sell?

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