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Pangako Sa Yo (lit. My Promise to You) was a primetime soap opera series produced and broadcast by the Philippine media network ABS-CBN. It is dubbedthe first "teleserye" on Philippine television. It starred Kristine Hermosa and Jericho Rosales. The soap, which ran from 2000 to 2002, spanned 480 episodes at 30 minutes each. The series re-aired on ABS-CBN at midnight from 2006 to 2007 and on its affiliate TFC.

Main cast:
Kristine Hermosa as Yna / Ynamorata Macaspac - Born from the depths of poverty, Yna`s real identity will remain a mystery to her and to her adoptive family, following a tragic accident that separated her from her biological mother, Amor. Only a vision haunts her in the night, the image of an old lady linking her to her distant past.
Jericho Rosales as Angelo Buenavista - Angelo is a young man disturbed by his own principles and of his family`s disposition leading him to a consistent emotional battle with his parents, Governor Eduardo Buenavista and Claudia. But his life will take a drastic turn when he meets Yna, a worker in the Hacienda.
Eula Valdez as Amor Powers - The lowly maid of the Buenavista clan whose love for her Senorito Eduardo extends the boundaries of their differences. Keeping their relationship a secret is as hard as having to please Dona Benita who treats her with the rod of cruelty. Her love for Eduardo will be crushed by greed forcing her to live a life of misery and an endless search for revenge.
Jean Garcia as Claudia Buenavista - The daughter of a political family whose wealth has the ability to save the falling empire of the Buenavistas. Arranged to be married to Eduardo and to his family, Dona Benita will soon taste the wrath of a bitter Claudia.
Tonton Gutierrez as Gov. Eduardo Buenavista - The ever-obedient son to the domineering Dona Benita. Enamoured with Amor, the housemaid, Eduardo will sacrifice his love for her because of one single lie.
Jestoni Alarcon as Diego Buenavista - The eldest son of the Buenavistas. Although a first-born, he always tries to win his mother`s heart but is constantly rejected. He lives a life full of envy and deep hatred for his brother Eduardo who always gets the best of everything, including the love of Amor.
Amy Austria as Lourdes Magbanua Buenavista - Rescued by Diego from the wayward life, Lourdes` predicament became even worse as they both try to survive a life of poverty after Diego moved out of the Buenavista hacienda.
Vanessa Del Bianco as Bea Bianca Bejerrano / Electrika Powers - Balikbayan who is about to wreak havoc in the lives of Angelo and Yna, Bea Bianca will do anything to keep a man right where she wants him.
Patrick Garcia as Jonathan- Quietly heeding the call of God, Jonathan is now caught between saving souls and following his heart`s desire - Lia Buenavista.
Jodi Sta. Maria as Lia Buenavista - The kind-hearted daughter of Governor Eduardo and Claudia. Lia bears the pain of being unloved by her own mother. She later falls for Jonathan, a young catechist who gives her the strength to go on living.
Nikka Valencia as Julieta Macaspac - Isko and Belen`s scheming daughter-in-law, Julieta, together with husband Caloy.
Jay Manalo as Caloy - a man who operates an illegal "saklaan" and makes Yna`s impoverished life a living nightmare.
Luis Alandy as David - is not only a friend but also a man who will sacrifice everything for the sake of his one and only love - Yna.
Carlo Muñoz as Mark - Governor Buenavista`s loyal assistant and confidant. Has a secret desire to Amor.
Eva Darren as Belen Macaspac - Wife to Isko and mother to Caloy, Belen takes Yna under her wing and treats her as her own.
Cris Daluz as Isko Macaspac - Isko is the father of two girls who, in spite of their impoverished state, still had the heart to adopt Yna. He is stricken with the deadly Alzheimer`s Disease.
Hazel Ann Mendoza as Flerida Macaspac - Yna`s younger adopted-sister.
Liza Lorena as Doña Benita Buenavista - The matriarch of the prominent Buenavista clan who has no consideration for human life and whose only desire is to gain more wealth at the expense of her own family.

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