Panera Bread: Chicken Caesar Sandwich

4 years ago

This is such an old food post from the beginning of August?
It was the week when Hurricane Issac decided to hit New
Orleans with his bad self. My sister and I were on our way
back home from Florida. We were hungry when we left so we
decided to stop by Panera Bread. I haven`t experience much
from this place yet because we don`t have Panera Bread where
I live, BUT now we do have it. :D Its officially opened!

Any who, since I spend so much that week shopping my sister
was nice enough to buy me something to eat. HA! I fed and
spoiled her the whole entire week I was there. So her treating was
a return I guess? Anyways, I ordered their Chicken Caesar sandwich
because I remembered my sister buying me this sandwich before.
Oh man, it was freaking good, but when I ate this I realized the meat
weren`t hmmm... how should I described this. In smaller piece instead
strips? LOL But overall, it was still good. I had chicken, asiago, lettuce,
red onions, tomatoes, three cheese and their Caesar dressing. I had
gotten the meal since it was going to be a 4 hours drive home. LOL

1. What do you recommend ordering from here?
2. What kind of drinks are good here? I`m curious! :)

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