Panda Popsicles

4 years ago

Found these at T&T over the weekend and they brought back a lot of memories. I can`t believe they`re still around and in Canada too!

These are panda popsicles. They`re actually vanilla and chocolate ice cream in the shape of a panda on a popsicle stick. There is no chocolate coating or frozen coating, it`s pure ice cream. That`s probably why its a bit delicate to handle because the mould would easily break in transit.

Back in the day, when I was about 8-9, I used to go to Shanghai for the summer and my grandma would always take me to the zoo. Because pandas were native to China, the zoo always had a large selection of panda bears and there were a lot of gifts and food items shaped like panda bears.

One of them was this exact popsicle. My Grandma would always buy this popsicle for me because it was only available at the zoo. You couldn`t even find it at the grocery stores in Shanghai! After awhile, as I got older, I stopped going to the zoo and this completely escaped my mind until this weekend.

As you can see, this is fully legit as there is NOT a touch of English on the packaging except for the name. Pretty sure it`s the exact same popsicle I ate in Shanghai. This is a lot more pricey though, $5.99 a box of 5. In Shanghai, it was probably less than 5 rmb each, which is about $0.75 USD.

Have you guys eaten foods long forgotten in your past?

*photo is mine*


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