Panda Express Shanghai Angus Steak Thoughts

Panda Express is conveniently located by my boyfriend`s house so it`s a fast casual restaurant that we tend to visit about 2-3 times a month. We typically always order the Beijing beef + orange chicken and occasionally alternate with the 3rd entree of cheese rangoons or the broccoli beef. Our 2nd visit this month, we decided to try one of the new entree(s) which is the <strong>Shanghai Angus Steak</strong>.

What`s in the Shanghai Angus Steak for an additional $1?

Thick slices of Angus Top Sirloin Steak
Marinated with Asian Seasoning
Panda`s Zesty Asian Steak Sauce

Thoughts on the Shanghai Angus Steak?

For someone who does not prefer Panda Express, I thought the meat was pretty juicy and they were thick slices, very generous and worth the extra $1 in my opinion however the taste of the foods varies from location. The Panda Express that is located near my house makes the food too salty but the Panda Express by my boyfriend`s makes it just right, so it`s all on the cooks.

(Photo left - Visit #1)
Half Fried Rice/Half Chow Mein
Orange Chicken
Beijing Beef
Cream Cheese Rangoon

(Photo right, Visit #2)
Half Fried Rice/Half Chow Mein
Shanghai Angus Steak
Orange Chicken

<strong>Do you have a Panda Express near you or something similar? What do you like to order from Panda Express? Have you tried any of Panda Express` new entree(s)?</strong> If I had to pick an entree that I really enjoy would have to be the Beijing Beef most.

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