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4 years ago

Sunday we went to my parents` house to visit and spend the day swimming. After being out at the pool for quite some time we decided to go and grab some Panda Express to bring home. There were four different boxes of food that I took photos of, but it would seem that one of them (my mom`s) didn`t save properly. I took the pictures with my husband`s phone and recently it has been acting strange with saving pictures.

The first box is of my meal. I got half veggie fried rice and half chow mein. I also selected orange chicken and 2 veggie spring roles. (my sister recommended those to me and I have to agree with her...they were very good).

The second box is my husband`s. He is extremely picky (as is our son) he only wanted steamed white rice and sweet and sour chicken. You can see sort of to the side that he picked out the veggies and pineapple that was cooked with the chicken. EXTREMELY picky!!! LOL!

The last photo is what my dad got. He ordered half veggie fried rice and half chow mein. Then he selected Kunk Pao Chicken and orange chicken. He also got another side of something else (not shown and I can`t remember).

Over all it was very good. It was a LOT of food. I have enough left over that I will have more than enough for lunch tomorrow. It was just far too much for me to eat in one sitting. My son just shared stuff from each of our meals. He is picky and I knew he would waste food if I tried to order something specifically for him. He ended up REALLY liking the sweet and sour chicken and the chow mein. I hadn`t had Panda Express in quite some time so it was nice to swing in and pick some up. I will still say that I prefer the dishes from a nearby Chinese and Thai restaurant, though. Instead of having huge bowls of pre-made dishes they make to order and can add/take away certain ingredients.


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