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3 years ago

The inside of Panda Buffet was beautiful. I feel like all the sit in Chinese restaurants are beautiful decorated. They always have super intricate designs as well as fishes and chandlers. (I love chandlers and would love to have one in my own house one day!) The lighting inside was also very unique. It`s hard to describe the colors, but I would say it was a bluish/orangish/purplish tint. (It`s probably best you look at the photos) The restaurant itself was huge having 3 sections for people to sit!

As far as food went, they had an array of choices. They offered both Chinese and American food choices including dumplings, sugar donuts, steamed buns, garlic bread, fries, tofu, ice cream, fruit and sushi! I was personally shocked at how much food they had and the fact that it was all available to us. For most of my dishes, I chose to take advantage of the fact that they offered us sushi! I absolutely love sushi, but rarely get to have it because of how expensive it is. When it came to this buffet, I quickly jumped on the opportunity to have as much as I want! Sushi is so tasty, but so darn costly!! hehe.
My sister found the wontons to be quite dry and disliked it, but she loved the dumplings. The dumplings were flavorful and surprisingly high quality. (as in they had lots of meaty filling as opposed to being 3/4th skin) Like me, she also enjoyed the sushi. Her favorite one was the seaweed and cucumber while I loved the avocado roll.
At the end of our meal we got out check along with out fortune cookies. I usually don`t post a picture of bills, (because I don`t want to seem like I am bragging) but I am still shocked at the mass amount of food we got for under $30!! It`s ridiculous hehe. My mom is definitely thinking of going back again soon because she absolutely loved all the food there. My sister and I agree! I have been craving more sushi!

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