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4 years ago

Hello beautiful ladies! Im not sure if you guys will agree with me but I feel like we have lost our femininity because we work so much. I mean, nowadays women tend to do the same things men do and so much more. Look at us we work, we are mothers, we clean and cook. We basically have 4 full time jobs and we have to look pretty too because we dont want our men running with 20 year olds, do we? I dont know about you but at the end of the week Im so exhausted that all I can see is my comfy pillow. It is actually kind of sad because when I look back I realise that I didnt do many things for myself. And, ladies, we have to take care of ourselves because we deserve it and because it will make everything else seem easier and brighter. Thats why whenever I have some time off (usually during the weekend) I take a girlfriend with me and head up to the spa. Even a lil thing like getting my nails done and I feel so much better and when I feel like I deserve a reward I give myself the present of a facial. Its great that I can actually book my spa trips online using a That way I dont have to go through the hassle of reservations and it saves me a lot of time. Cheers for the person who invented that! Another issue that I want to address here is hair removal. No mater how busy we get we should always take care of ourselves because its a form of respect for our own person and if we dont respect ourselves then others wouldnt either. I have a sensitive skin and from my experience, removing unwanted hair always left me with burns and bumps. That is why Im really considering laser hair removal. From what Ive herd you can get rid of the unwanted hair in 3-5 sessions and its not painful at all, so Im kind of excited to try this. From what Ive seen became almost as popular as it is in US so Im hoping soon its popularity will increase in my country too. That way Ill have more alternatives because sadly here only few clinics do it and its so freaking expensive. What do you like to do to pamper yourself? What is your favourite spa treatment? Did you have laser hair removal? If so, are you happy with it? The picture is not mine, please check the source link spa

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