Palty Hair Dye Review

4 years ago

PALTY Hair Dye in `Milk Tea Brown`
So yeah... my hair is not milk tea brown. Ahahaha.
The dye didn`t really life much of the color out of my hair so it turned Dark Brown. I think this would work more if your hair is thinner or lighter than mine, but mine is super thick and dark so the color didn`t change as much as I`d thought. My hair is not that dry now (2 weeks later) so I mean, that`s cool!
I reccommend this if you`re not going to drastically change your hair color, but if you are... idk tell me how it goes. Bleach it first, I know that`d help (:

*** 2 WEEKS LATER - my hair is now an ashy brown (: I quite like it.

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