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5 years ago

This quarter really sucks for one big reason. I`m on campus for 8 hours with a two hour gap in-between one of my classes. It`d be a waste of gas to drive all the way home and all the way back to school for class. And I get super hungry! But food on campus is so expensive, it`s like $1-2 more than regular places sell their foods for! It`s not worth it. So I decided to pick my own lunch for myself and my boyfriend to eat during our breaks. I usually make a simple honey ham sandwich for the mornings. I bring snack such as the strawberry K-Bars (delicious by the way!), M&M`s, and for our lunch I`d cook something in the morning such as pasta, or rice & chicken, Rice&beef, etc. And bring it to school to microwave and eat. Sometimes I forget to pack food to bring because I don`t wake up on time. Sometimes I make food the night before and pack it but then I`d forget to bring it in the morning too, so I`d be stuck on campus without any food or spend roughly $9 for a Panda Express plate, which is so not worth it!

Anyone have any ideas of what I can bring/cook for my two hour gap?

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