Pacifica Hawaiian Ruby Guava Roll on Review

2 years ago

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and I really can`t believe the new year is tomorrow!! (or today for some luuuxers!) The past few weeks have been pretty busy for me. I`ve been running from place to place and catching up with people now that I am back from college! It`s so relaxing to have a whole month just off from school!!

On my break, I had a chance to go to New York and while there, I decided to take a stop by Ulta. I wasn`t sure on what I wanted to pick up, but I did kinda of what a new fragrance. Usually when it comes to scents, I prefer to buy the roll ons rather than the sprays since roll ons are much more convenient and not to mention, cheaper!
The scent that I ended up getting was the Hawaiian Ruby Guava from Pacifica. This scent is 100% definitely a spring or summer scent in my opinion! The scent is very fresh, fun, and a bit fruity. It reminds me a bit of a pina colada or possibly being in the tropical regions and relaxing. For me, I typically like to roll this scent onto one of my wrist and my neck. I learned a while back that putting scents in these places are the best since that is where your pulse is strongest. The pulse can help send the fragrance throughout the day.
Upon putting this scent on, I am reminded of being on the beach. It`s a perfect strength for me in the beginning. I can smell it without it being too overbearing which is good. Sadly though, this particular scent doesn`t last too long. It makes it about 4-5 hours before it starts to fade. Luckily though, having this fragrance in a roller ball form makes it super easy to carry around and reapply when needed! Overall, I really like this scent! It reminds me of summer and is super relaxing.

You might be wondering why I chose to get such a summery scent in the dead winter... and my answer is because next week, I will be going on vacation to CANCUN! As I was buying this scent, I had my vacation in my mind which is probably why I chose to pick it up!!

Have you tried this scent before?
What is your favorite scent?


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