Oysters with Fermented Black Beans

4 years ago

I had a craving for oysters today and wanted to make it taste like the ones in the buffet. And this was the very first time making them. I didn`t have a osyter knife so I just used a regular pair of kitchen scissor to pry open the oyster. But I did a little research online first to see how it was done. And I do recommend that you wear a glove or have a towel covering the oyster cause the shells are really sharp especially when you have it sliding around in your hand. While I was opening one, it actually sliced part of my rubber gloves off. Ater getting it open, I rinsed it under running water to get rid of any sand and bits of broken shell. I then put it on a plate and put some smashed fermented black beans on each of the oysters. Then I poured some sauce on top of that and sprinkled it with some green onions. I steamed them in a work for about 3-5 min. The sauce consists of soy sauce, seasme oil, peanut oil or any oil you have on hand, distilled white vinger, shaoxing wine, white pepper, and chicken broth. The result wast that it tasted really good. Exactly like the ones you find at the buffets and maybe even better. Cause you know how sometimes they don`t put enough sauce on it, I don`t like that, I love mine with lots of sauce. One nasty thing I encountered while opening the oysters was that when I was done opening them and putting them onto a plate, I started to clean up my counter. Then I saw this long thing abot 2.5 inches long and about 3 mm wide on the counter. I just thought it was a piece of the oyster I accidently cut off. So I picked it up with my hand and it started to wiggle. I was like..OMG!!! I flung my hand to get rid of it and I had the goosebumps afterwards. Luckily it landed on a plastic bag which I used to wrap up that worm and I made sure it was dead..lol..ewww!!!
How do you like to eat your oysters, raw or cooked?

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