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4 years ago

Hey luuuxers

Have you guys been to an actual oyster farm?
well i have, this isn`t it, this is a small example to show people at the Easter show. But i`ve actually been to one.

IT SMELLS SO GOOD, ok ok, i know i`m weird, to some people it`s HORRIBLE, to me it`s fresh and yum! lol

I love fresh oysters, and honestly, it`s so so much sweeter tasting if you actually eat it straight away after opening it`s lid/shell ( i don`t konw what the technical term for that is)

So anywas, this one i went to, you go into the shop and hire the tools, then you go out the back door of the shop and right there is natural oysters, and you dig them out yourselves and eat as much as you want.

^this was about 10years ago at the very least. I don`t konw if they still do ALL YOU CAN EAT STYLE, but i know that these type of places are rare now due to lack of resources i guess. and now that i`m older, i actually feel so slack, eating them like that =[ imagine if someone came over to my place and ate me? that`s weird, but think about it? that`s exactly what we did, open their shell and ATE THEM. how cruel =[ one day, i want to be a vegetarian, i just need the will power.

(completely side tracked lol)

Anyways, so let me konw
-have you gone to oyster farms?
-do you think it`s cruel?

Thanks for dropping by, all photos are mine, please don`t steal

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