Oymyakon - The coldest village on Earth!

If you are one of those people complaining about the cold weather (like I am) this village will probably change your mind.
Oymyakon is a Russian village with about 500 inhabitants and it faced the coldest ever temperature of -71,2C (I think that is about -97 in Fahrenheit).
But this is a town that is used to the cold weather as the only school only closes if temperature is -52C or higher.

Some of the curiosities about this village is that mobile phones don`t work there; people still have toilets outside; they only have a single convenience store where inhabitants get their basic needs; in December daylight only lasts 3 hours; people still burn coal and wood for heat; pen ink freezing; glasses freezing to people`s faces and batteries losing power.
One of their daily problems is to bury the dead. Because of such conditions it may take up to 3 days to dig a hole big enough for a coffin to fit.

After reading this, I will definitely stop complaining about the cold as to where I live the temperature doesn`t even go below 10C .

Pictures are not mine and text details are credited in the source link.

Source link: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2266374/Oymyakon-coldest-village-earth-Temperatures-drop-71-2C-locals-wear-glasses-freez

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