Owning an iPod Touch and iPhone: Useful or Pointless?

4 years ago

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Hello luuuxers! This entry is gearing towards a debate question type of post. I currently own an iPod Touch 4th Gen 8GB. I am thinking of getting an iPhone soon as I`m eligible for an upgrade. Therefore, I am having a dilemma regarding what I want to do with my iPod Touch -- <strong>KEEP or SELL?!</strong>

So, I want to ask those of you who own both iPod Touch and iPhone...<strong>do you use both devices? Or do you use one device more often than the other? Is it pointless to have both? Or is it a better decision to sell the iPod Touch?</strong> Please share your thoughts below as I greatly appreciate your advice/opinions. Thank you! :)
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Source link: http://www.apple.com/education/ipodtouch-iphone/

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