Owl`s could look cute on your hand too!

5 years ago

Last week i posted about my cute bunny ring,and i have to say i love it so much.Today i want to share my other ring i go from this lady,but this time it`s a owl.I don`t really like owl`s in real life ,i think they`re totally scary and they look at you in a scary way.But in rings i`m a total fan of them.I have mostly rings of animals.

I love acessories so much i`m like obsessed with it.This rings cost me about 5$.It`s not that expensive for me ,i bought some that cost like 10$.I usually buy them from this lady and she is really nice,and she carry`s them ,she looks like a women made from jewelry.lol =) it`s true!Anyway so yeah!She said she was going to bring more rings for me ,and i`m so excited to see what kind of rings she has.

I actually want to known a elephant ring ,i only have a necklace of elephants .three years ago i went to the zoo i went to the zoo store they had so many rings and necklace and so much more of animals.In those years i didn`t wear rings, i was a child jk No but i didn`t wear them ,i wasn`t that girly back then,and now i`m super girly !What i don;t like about these rings is that they are so heavy.

I think this one is more heavier than the bunny ring,which suck alot.My owl ring bling from the eye`s (which is a good thing) =)Why? because people could think that my ring is expensive.

I `ve had a lot of compliments like "your ring is so cute"" how much did it cost you""where did you get it" it `s so funny to hear them .......and like when they think my acessories are cute.What do you think of my new owl ring?oooh have you guys ever seen a real owl ?am i the only one that`s scare of owl`s?

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