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1 year ago

Hello lovely Luuuxers!

It`s been awhile since posting on here, and what better way to return than with a haul from heaven on earth, also known as Sephora?! I had a birthday gift card and decided to splurge, so now all of you can enjoy the spoils of my labors! :)

First of all, if any of you read my previous post, I scrambled to get my hands on the Becca x Jaclyn Hill Highlighter in Champagne Pop! I asked the makeup artist at Sephora if they had it because I didn`t see it on display, and it turns out that they had it in the little drawer beneath the display and they hadn`t put it out yet! I tried it on in store and completely fell in love. You know this baby was coming home with me!! This product was $38 and is a beautiful pale gold highlight, with the same amazing formula as all of the Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed powders from Becca!

Next, I decided to try the Benefit They`re Real! mascara in blue. I`ve never owned a colored mascara before, but I have blue eyes and I always heard that blue mascara makes blue eyes look brighter, and the whites of your eyes look whiter. Considering that I love the original They`re Real mascara formula, I was just too curious to pass this up! I actually haven`t had an opportunity to try this yet, but I`m greatly looking forward to it!

I also picked up a new shade in one of my favorite lip glosses of all time, the Buxom Lip Polishes. The shade I got is called Destiny, which the Sephora website lists as `peach carnation`. To me, it resembles the tone of peachy-pink like NARS Orgasm, but without the intense gold shimmer. Don`t get me wrong, love me some gold shimmer, but for everyday office use, this lipgloss totally hits the spot. I`m completely in love with the formula of these glosses, and they`re one of the cheapest glosses you can get at Sephora. Plus they have a great cooling sensation, which is great for summertime!

Finally, I was able to redeem for a few point perks! First, I got a sample sized vial of the new Marc Jacobs perfume, called Mod Noir. It was actually much larger than the normal samplers that they give for perfume so it was definitely points well spent. I am a huge fan of Marc Jacobs fragrances and I honestly think this one knocks it out of the park! It is really clean, kind of aquatic, and very sophisticated. I`m not a fan of very floral or very spicy fragrances and this isn`t overwhelmingly either of those. I recommend trying this out next time you swing by Sephora! The packaging is very chic too. :)

Finally, I got a deluxe Givenchy Phenomeneyes Mascara, which I`m so excited about because it has a really wonky spherical brush! I`m really curious to know how this works! I have a lot of mascaras that I`m working through right now so I haven`t tried this one yet, but I will check back with all of you guys once I get the chance to give it a whirl! I love high end mascaras but it`s very rare that I will splurge on one because drugstore ones are such great quality. So when I get the chance to get a free deluxe size sample, I always jump on the chance!

That wraps up my Sephora haul! I actually did a tiny bit more shopping while they were having their 3x points promotion for VIBs last week, so stay tuned for another haul very soon. :)

What have you bought from Sephora lately? Let me know in the comments!


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