Over hyped: Benefit`s Benetint

Lemme start of saying that I had very high hopes for this product. I loved the idea of a lip stain and always wanted to try Benetint. When the Benetint came in a duo with a lip gloss I picked it up because it was cheaper than the full version. I was so blown away by how much I didn`t like it. I thought I`d fall in love with the lovely rose red color. First off, this stain is very watery and you have to work with it very very quick or else it`ll stain in a way you won`t like it to. I immediately tried it on my lips. I had to use a few layers, but the "stain" effect was not long lasting at all. On my cheeks, its a very very very subtle red tint. Too subtle for my liking and I`m not a fan of red on my cheeks. I love the smell and I love the concept of Benetint and was so looking forward to this product but it did not live up to my expectations at all. I think this is the one product I regret buying 100% because I wasted twenty dollars on a tiny amount of Benetint and an average clear gloss. Benetint is very overpriced and is definitely not worth its price in the gloss/Benetint duo or the full size. If you want a good quality lip stain go for TheBalm Stainiac.

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