Over $100,000 is surgery to look like Justin Bieber

2 years ago

A 33 year old man named Toby claims he has spent over $100,000 in plastic surgery and over 100 procedures to resemble his idol, Justin Bieber... WACK! at 28 he noticed it looked like he was aging, so got the idea that he should get plastic surgery to look like Justin... I guess aging cream never crossed his mind! The sad thing to me is.. he looks nothing like Justin! He even travels around and asks people if he reminds them of anyone (expecting them to say Justin) and I can tell you my answer now.... NO! I am not one that says plastic surgery is wrong, I say do what makes you happy and make sure it is the right choice for you and only you, but this is extensive... He is trying to change who he is it seems like. What`s even crazy is.... his girlfriend doesn`t even like Justin Bieber... HAHA! I hope this guy is done with all the surgeries and I hope he realizes his mistake soon enough. I included the before picture to show you the difference. He looked so much better before!!!

Has he gone too far?

Amnee Barakat


Source link: http://imgur.com/e4txRRU

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