Oven Fried Chicken Dinner

4 years ago

This is a dinner I prepared a few nights back. I was craving chicken, but since we rarely to never do fried chicken, I made oven "fried" chicken.

Basically, the crust on the chicken is made from corn flakes, dried bread crumbs (I use garlic flavor...if you can pack more flavor into your food, why not?), and seasonings. I used things like salt, pepper, cumin, cayenne, and thyme.

For our sides I made some mashed potatoes (in the normal fashion), and seasoned with salt, pepper, and margarine. If I had had sour cream, that would have gone in, but I didn`t. :-( As for the gravy.... I cheated and bought one of those dry powder packets that you just add some water to and allow to thicken on the stove top.

The other side was country green beans. Typically, a southern green bean dish will have some sort of ham or bacon in it. I had some sliced pancetta left so I chopped it up and used in in place of the ham or bacon. First, I cooked it and let the fat render out. Then, I scooped out the meat and poured in my frozen chopped green beans. Yes, I cooked them in the fat. I also added a tiny bit of water for steaming. I seasoned them very well with chicken bouillon, onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, and a tiny bit of salt. I put a lid on the pot and let it cook down until soft. We don`t like crunchy green beans, so we cook the living daylights out of them.

The food was good EXCEPT I bought my chicken that week on sale. Tyson was having a really good deal on the price per pound, so I bought it. Normally, I go with organic free range chicken. I should have stuck to my gut and not bought it because DANG it was tough! I`ve become so spoiled with my organic chicken that anything else just doesn`t go down as well. :- Flavor, though, everything was delicious.

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