Oven burn. Ouch :`(

5 years ago

Okay so here`s the story. I was at work three days ago and i work with everything from fryers, hot pizza ovens, grill top, stoves and everything else. I was standing between the front line and behind me is the stove with the salamander on top of the stove. I was making an order and right when i finished (it was a crab cake which i have to put in the oven for three minutes for it to crisp up), i turned around with the tongs in my hand, holding the hot pan to put it down. Now normally i like to stack all my pans and bowls so its nice and neat and if it does get busy, i have no problem moving fast so nothing gets in my way.

Well, i went to stack the hot pan under the others and guess what happen. My worst nightmare. The hot pan hit a ridge of the stove and the hot pan hit my finger because the pan rided up from the tongs and went up. I didn`t realize it for three seconds and that pan was in a 500 degree fire powered oven so you can guess how that reacts to skin! Ouch!! I was in pain for four hours, icing my hand and putting it in ice. I know i know, your not suppose to put it in ice. But in my opinion, thats bullsheep. Just cold water doesn`t help me enough with the pain! My co worker gave me some cooling gel that your suppose to put on your wound but it actually made it sting. So now i have a bandage over it because well stupid me, i was cleaning the sink and forgot about my burn and scratched it a little and it was bleeding. :(. I hope you heal little finger.

This is actually the same finger (right hand, second finger) that i accidentally cut myself with a shaving razor at school in the change room. I was in the washroom getting ready to go to gym class two years ago, went into my little Adidas gym sack and then the razor cut me when i went to open the bag. It was a really deep cut, straight in too. It was so disgusting now that i think of it because my skin was cut so deep that the inside flesh looks like chicken meat. Ughhhh the light, see through pink. My first reaction was "Hmm should i finish changing and get a bandage or just go get a bandge first?" I know it sound really bad but the cutting motion didn`t even hurt because the razor was so sharp. So i was walking towards the gym office and right when i was walking through the gym door, i look at my finger again and my hold left hand was filled with blood and it was dripping everywhere. I got into the gym office and was standing there waiting for the teacher to get my a bandage. Suddenly i felt really dizzy. I know this feeling. I`m about to faint. So i sat down and the next thing you know, i was in the floor under the wooden table looking at a corner. I fainted....It was so bad. I almost had to go to the hospital but the paramedics didn`t want to bring me there because it was swine flu season and things might even get worse.

I was brought into the nurse office and was laying down, waiting for my dad to bring me to the family doctor. When he got there, he was like how the fart did that happen? I was like...iunno >_<. I felt like poop already and i hit my head, cut my finger and fainted. First thing in the morning too. So he brings me to the doctors and he peels off the bandage and i see the wound again. My finger was white in that area with a dark purple and reddish tint to it. It was so disguising that i was feeling fainty again. Sigh, the doctor and my dad was laughing because I was so disguised at it.

Anyways, have you guys ever hurt yourself really badly? Tell me your stories because I really like to know.

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