Outfits of the Week: First Week of School edition

4 years ago

Back again guys! With this week`s outfit of the day! Its my mini little weekly post every now and then. This week however, is special because its the first week of my Senior year. And my style has changed since last year somewhat. Gotta grow up and dress well, I wouldn`t say I have the greatest sense of fashion, when it comes to fashions it`s prob the last thing I`m good at but here we go!
-Red Blouse; My godmother actually made this very very awesome because I love shirts with collars!
-Hollister dark wash Jeggings; the best thing about these is the fit. Its wonderful! Especially since I`m only 5"2 its not long at all! And I just like dark wash jeans over the light stuff.
-Gray Cardigan; got this at Ross for 10 bucks. Its in one of my hauls post recently.
-Necklace; from my aunt in Vietnam
-Belt; Vince Camuto black leather belt with gold studs
-Co Lab by Chris Kon bag; you`ll be seeing this in a few of my outfits.
-Keds for American Rag leopard sneakers; I didn`t take a picture...but I had them.
-Forever21 Dress; its 2 shades of blue, and has a collar as mentioned above anything with a collar I love. It`s dressy and cute!
-Blazer/Jacket; I got it at Ross for $13 since its navy blue it goes with almost everything as black would pretty much. Roll up the sleeves it has a stripy light blue/navy blue satin material. And it has gold zippers. It`s also a really nice fit.
-Report black flats (not pictured)
-Green blouse; once again made by my godmother, she`s too awesome. Its loose sleeves are like my favorite thing about it. And its such a beautiful shade of green!
-Khaki Skinny Pants; from H&M only $24! I wear these on a weekly basis because they rise near the belly button a bit and looks super awesome with a shirt tucked in.
-Vince Camuto Belt (same as monday`s)
-Report Black Flats (not pictured)
-Stripped hooded sweater; $12 at Ross, its so soft and simple plus its a 3/4 sleeve. My friends really like this sweater. Its a nice wonderful sweater!
-Hollister Jeggings; okay these are a different dark wash from the first one, I love jeggings.
-Keds For American Rag leopard sneakers (I actually have a photo of this in one of my haul posts)
Okay this is my favorite outfit this whole week.
-Peach collared dress; From Zara was $79 I got it for $15 on the clearance rack. Its nice and thick perfect for today`s super freezing weather! And i love how it has a navy blue collar and a little key hole detail
-Pale pinkish/white belt; from H&M wish I got a close up picture its a nice belt it really is!
-Blazer/jacket; Same as the one from Tuesday
-Calvin Klein Tights; okay weird I mentioned it but these fit amazing, plus they rise really high to smooth out the tummy and behind. I know its not gonna make a difference since this is a looser type dress in that area but it`s still really awesome.
-Necklace; long gold heart necklace from Papaya it had a string of pearl on it but I removed it cause it looked pretty tacky.
-Steve Madden Ankle Boots; Got it at Ross for $22 I love them they`re like my new favorite shoes.
<strong>Hope you guys enjoyed this post...!

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