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Well, we all love clothing that we can wear weather is day time or night time because it comes a lot more in handy. When u have clothing that you can only wear on specific occasions some times you just feel like you are not getting your moneys worth out of it, but when its a piece you can wear day or night it does come in handy a lot of times.

Like this outfit for instance, jeans.. Jeans you can wear any time anywhere and any place if you just simply style them right. The thing about this outfit, if your just going somewhere nice but its still day time and you do not feel like wearing heels at all, you can dress it down just a little by wearing nude flats. Now, for a chilly night, a nice black leather jacket would add a nice rocker side to the outfit.. if you are going out day time, maybe opting for a cardigan is better seeing as they are not as hot as leather jackets.

Then add a few accesories a hand bag or whatever you want and you are off to go.

Just remember, shoes take up alot of the part whilst dressing up.. With them u can dress up or dress down the outfit.

What do you think about this outfit?

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