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6 years ago

I saw this blog with some great tips on wearing slouch boots and thought I should share it with you. Hope it will be helpful to you!

"You might not like the slouchy volume around the calf or ankle, but it does have its advantages for some outfit silhouettes and body figures.

Let me give you some examples:
1. It can balance out an outfit that is heavier on top. Meaning, if you discover that an outfit makes you look like you`re going to topple over then slouch boots can help (along with bootcut, wide leg pants, etc.) balance that out.
2. They`re great for body shapes such as inverted triangle and round/apple, or anyone who has a heavier upper body (big bust, wide shoulder, etc.). The details on the boots help draw the attention away from your top body.

Tips for Wide Calves
Yes, they can make your legs look bigger, especially if you have wide and/or muscular calves. However the trick here is to choose a pair that hit the thinnest part of your legs which is usually around your ankles and knees. Anything hitting your mid-calf (which are considered the widest part on most legs), is risky because they draw attention to that area and can make your overall body figure clunky.

Tip: A quick fix if your legs are on the wide side but you love your mid-calf boots, is to wear dark colored tights or pants to slim them down. In general I would also recommend matching the boots with the color of the bottom. If you prefer to go bare you can wear mid-calf slouch boots that match the color of your skin. Experiment with this as and see how it works for you.

** Picture and content not my own, I am sharing these advice from http://www.thechicfashionista.com**

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