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3 years ago

My dad had to fly out Sunday for work, so the family went out for an early lunch before dropping him off at the airport. We decided on Outback Steakhouse because it is my little sisters favorite place to eat.
I was excited to go there and try their new bone in steaks. They offer a bone in Ribeye for $23.99 a Bone in New York Strip for $20.99 and a bone in porter house pork chop for $14.99.
I was a bit surprised to see such high prices, Outback has recently renovated their menu and restaurants raising the price, but that is still a bit much compared to the rest of their menu.
No matter my Dad decided to get the Bone in Ribeye, so I decided to get the Bone in New York Strip against my better judgement. I usually only order sirloins when I order steak because that is just the cut I prefer. New York strips are usually dry and tough to me, but I wanted one of those new items so i got it anyway.
The steak comes with two sides, and I opted to skip out on the salad and got a loaded baked potato with steamed broccoli. I always get my steaks a medium rare at Outback because I have found that ordering a medium they always over cook which drives me nuts!
I was so happy when I got this steak, even though I was apprehensive about it being a strip the looks of it alone had my mouth watering!
This has to be one of the best steaks I`ve tasted, it is just being what it is a steak. There wasn`t an excessive amount of seasoning or spice on it. Definitely a blend of simple spices garlic salt, salt, pepper and maybe a few others but the flavors were really simple. I also tried my Dad`s Ribeye and dare I say it, his was even better! The flavor was just outstanding. It was also so juicy and tender! Definitely worth the $24, maybe even worth a little more.
In the past few months I had been disappointed with how Outback had changed their prices and their service quality, but these steaks are a savior for them in my book.
They should do themselves a favor and put it on the menu and not change a thing!

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